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The idea of ​​Pharma-Ka was created by the collaboration of Mr. Komlosi (pharmacist, project manager) and Mr. Abraham (designer). The first contract was about building three pharmacy websites at the end of 2019.

In 2
015 Mr. Komlosi successfully completed his master’s degree program in pharmacy in Hungary. In February 2016 he also became a licensed pharmacist in Germany. Because of increasing digitisation, he was deeply convinced that the healthcare industry is in need of such services, that can only exist through the tight collaboration of IT and healthcare professionals.

As a pharmacist and technology enthusiast, Mr. Komlosi has expanded his professional competence through studying oncology, digital pharmacy marketing, programming languages ​​and design, which he could already implement as an employee. After working with Mr. Abraham, he had the chance to bring his skills and services to the next level and offer them to further companies as an entrepreneur. In the beginning of 2020 Mr. Pfliszter joined the team. Because of him, Pharma-Ka could broaden its service portfolio significantly.

The team members are now ready to bring lots of dynamism and to offer services of the highest standard for companies in the health sector, thereby always continuing to learn, grow and evolve.

Herr Komlosi, Bewerbungsfoto.jpg
Dr Kristof Komlosi

Founder & Pharmacist

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